24 hours in Malaga – what to do

Only got 24 hours in Malaga?

Here are some dos and don’ts to help make the most of your time.

Don’t bother with the usual tired gift shops. If you do need to buy a little something for loved ones back home, go to Ale-Hop and get some funky gifts with a twist. …and don’t leave without buying yourself some drawing gear – you’ll need it later.

Do go to the Picasso museum and see how Pablo progressed from talented prodigy to the 20th Century’s most famous artist. Don’t worry about admitting to yourself that most of his work look like a five-year-old could do it. His genius was in seeing things differently. So do visit any of the plethora of bars nearby where you will create your own masterpiece while waiting for a tapa.

Don’t feel inspired? The locals, proud of their culinary heritage, call themselves Boquerones after the local anchovies – maybe you could try drawing fish people or lightly battered humans in olive oil. Be like Pablo and whatever comes into your head, just do it.

Don’t ignore the buskers who try to serenade you for the odd Euro. Unemployment in Malaga stands at an depressing 27% so instead of hurrying them away with a coin, do use the opportunity to talk to them and practice your Spanish.

Don’t just visit the Alcazaba to get a sense of this city’s long history but steel yourself and make the climb up to the Castillo de Gibralfaro to catch some breathtaking views.

Do make the trek across town to visit the Ataranzas market to enliven your senses. Wander round before grabbing some freshly fried fish and a beer at one of the many counters or sit at one of the terraces outside where the prices are a little higher but at least you get a seat.

Don’t be put off of visiting the Cathedral by the wonky unfinished facade or the 6 Euro price tag. It’s worth it alone to listen to the hilariously monotone commentary provided on your complementary handset. It’s as if this first class collection of religious art religious art in a truly monumental setting is as interesting as pile of second class train tickets.

Do walk down to the beach to catch some rays before the sun sets. It may not be golden sand, but you can cool your feet in the med before taking a stroll around the stylishly revamped harbour.

Don’t overdo the eating out. If you are staying somewhere with a kitchen, go back to the market to grab a rotisserie chicken, potatoes and a side dish from Pollos San Juan.

Do finish your day with a stroll and an ice cream along with the Boquerones who don’t bother listening to anyone telling them what they can and can’t do.